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Tomb of Duc Duc in Vietnam, Hue Resort

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Duk Duk was the adopted son of Emperor Tu Duk. In July 1883, Duk Duk inherited the throne, but on the third day he was overthrown from him for having removed a paragraph from the old king's will. As a result, Duk Duk was sent to prison, where in October 1884 he died.

In 1889, the son of Duk Duk ascended the throne – Thanh Thai, who in the 1890s ordered the construction of a mausoleum for his father. In 1899, the Long An Temple was erected next to the mausoleum, where an altar was erected in honor of the dead king. In 1907, Thanh Thai was dethroned for his anti-colonial policy. In 1954 Thanh Thai passed away   and was buried next to his father's grave.

In 1907, the throne was occupied by Thanh Thai's son – Duy Tangom, who in 1916 was arrested for trying to revolt against the French colonists. As a result, Dewey was expelled from the country like his father. In 1998, Duy Tang's remains were transported from Africa and buried next to his father.

Today, the tomb of Duc Duc looks much simpler and more modest in comparison with the tombs of the previous rulers of the Nguyen dynasty. There are no stone sculptures inside this rectangular tomb. In the central part of the complex is the Long An Temple, built in the traditional style of the temples of Hue. Inside the temple there are three altars dedicated to the three kings – Duk Dooku, Duy Tanu and Thanh Thayu.  

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Topic: Tomb of Duc Duc in Vietnam, Hue Resort.Tomb of Duc Duc in Vietnam, Hue Resort

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