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Nero's Golden House in Italy, Rome resort

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Nero's Golden House is a palace and park complex located in Rome. The house is still the largest city residence of a monk that has ever existed in Europe in size.

The construction of the palace dates back to 64 AD. In 68, after the death of Nero, the unfinished castle was abandoned, and soon burned down. Over time, new residential buildings were built on this territory.

The palace got its name in honor of the gilded dome. The ceiling and walls of the palace were decorated with mosaics by craftsmen Sever and Celer. Subsequently, mosaic on domes became widespread in Byzantine temple building. In the main hall of the palace there was a false inner dome, which turned as slaves to delight the guests of Caesar.

In the 15th century, the underground halls of the castle were opened, where unique frescoes were discovered. Unfortunately, under the influence of moisture, the frescoes began to deteriorate.

In 1999, after the restoration work, the premises of the castle were opened to the general public. In 2005, the castle was closed for security reasons, but two years later it was reopened to the public.

In 2010, during renovation works, part of the ceiling collapsed, in connection with which today restoration work.

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Topic: Nero's Golden House in Italy, Rome resort.Nero's Golden House in Italy, Rome resort

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