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Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy

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The Royal Palace of Caserta is the grandiose country castle of the Neapolitan kings. The palace is located in the Italian administrative region of Campania.

The palace is the largest building erected in the 18th century in Europe. The construction of the palace is primarily due to the fact that the main royal residence, located in Naples, from the sea side was open to attacks. The design of the palace was entrusted to the Dutch architect Luigi Vanvitelli, who took as a model the royal palace located in Madrid, where the then king spent his childhood.

The construction of the palace was started in 1752, completed – in 1780. During the construction work, the landscape was significantly changed, and the city of Caserta was moved 10 kilometers. The palace complex also includes a court theater and a palace church. It was planned to arrange a university and a library here, but these plans remained unfulfilled. The project of the driveway, stretching for 20 kilometers, was also not implemented.  

A park was laid out around the palace, which today is one of the most extensive and regular parks in Italy. The park is adorned with numerous fountains, houses for workers disguised as pavilions, and a colossal aqueduct.

After the completion of the palace, the fashion for imitating Versailles became a thing of the past. The creators of the palace have been repeatedly accused by many architectural historians of gigantomania and insane extravagance, the fruits of which are the monotony of monotonous prospects.

In 1997, the palace in Caserta was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nowadays, the palace is often used as a filming location for Hollywood and Italian films. Famous films such as Mission Impossible, Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, and two Star Wars episodes were filmed here.

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Topic: Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy.Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy

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