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Risnjak National Park in Croatia

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Risnjak National Park was established on September 15, 1953. It is located a little north of the city of Rijeka in the mountainous region of Gorski Kotar. The park covers an area of 63.5 square kilometers. The highest point of the park is the top of Risnyak Peak - 1528 meters.

The flora and fauna of the park is very diverse. On its territory, there are about 1100 species and subspecies of plants, including rhododendron, edelweiss, several types of orchids. The whole park is covered with pine forest alternating with spruce and beech. Here you can also see plane trees, yews, maples, oaks, ash trees.

Risnyak Nature Reserve is a habitat for wolves, lynxes, brown bears, which coexist with numerous animals, which are prey for predators. The park is known as a permanent home for roe deer, red deer, wild boars, whose population has been increasing in recent years. Also here you can find fallow deer, martens, squirrels, weasels, badgers. Of 114 bird species that live in the park, 26 of them are listed in the Red Book, for example, pilgrim falcon, wood grouse, pygmy owl.

In addition to the main role of the national park - the protection of natural resources , its territory is used for educational, scientific, cultural and tourist purposes. Routes have been developed depending on the purpose, here are some of them:
  • Kupa route. It is known as a place for organizing rafting (rafting on mountain rivers). Rafting on the river is considered safe, as   takes place under the supervision of professionals.
  • The Leska trail is an educational trail. It runs through the entire park in a circle, and gives tourists the opportunity to explore the unique landscape and vegetation zones.
In general, the park has a fairly large selection of routes, from short 4.2 kilometers to interesting 40 kilometers long ... For those who want to see the wildlife of the reserve, there are special observation sites.

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Topic: Risnjak National Park in Croatia.Risnjak National Park in Croatia

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