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Royal Palace (Palacio Real) in Spain, Madrid resort

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Palace of the Spanish Kings – it is the official residence of the monarchs of Spain. It is located in the western part of the capital. True, the current king does not live in the palace and comes to it only during official events.

Where the palace is today, in the Middle Ages there was a fortress of Toledo and Cordoba, the Moorish emirs. The royal palace was built here by 1516. A fire in 1734 completely destroyed the residence. After that, the palace was reconstructed in the Bernie Baroque style. The restoration was completed by 1755, and the ruler moved into the new palace in 1764.

The new palace is almost entirely made of stone, almost no wood was used in its construction. The total area of all premises of the palace – 100 thousand square meters. Thus, the royal palace – it is the largest building in Madrid. It has 44 staircases, 110 front doors, 870 windows and 240 balconies.

In addition to architecture, the palace is famous for the numerous works of art stored in it: paintings, sculptures, decorative and applied arts ... All these values were collected by the Spanish kings from the 17th to the 19th century.

The palace is surrounded by magnificent gardens. They are called Campo del Moro because earlier, in 1109, the camp of the Arab Emir Ali Ben Yusuf was located here. The order to lay gardens around the palace was given by the regent Maria Christina.

Today, tourists are calmly allowed into the royal palace. Inside, it is decorated with works by Velazquez, Tiepolo, Goya and Caravaggio. It also houses a collection of Stradivari violins and antique weapons.  


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Topic: Royal Palace (Palacio Real) in Spain, Madrid resort.Royal Palace (Palacio Real) in Spain, Madrid resort

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