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Hruby Rogoziec Castle in the Czech Republic

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Hruby Rogozets Castle is one of the oldest architectural monuments. The castle is located above the Jizera River, on the northwestern outskirts of the town of Turnov.

  The castle was erected on the site of an old Gothic fortress, built in 1280. The place for the construction of the castle was chosen very well - ndash; from the south, the castle was defended by a large ravine, and from the east - and ndash; sheer cliffs. On the other sides, a deep artificial moat was dug, most of which has now been filled up and attached to the park.

In 1600, restoration work took place in the fortress, after which the building turned into an excellent castle in the style of the Renaissance. In 1822, the castle was rebuilt again and acquired the romantic Gothic style, and later changed a couple more styles - Baroque and Empire.

A small natural park with a grotto and a lake was laid out around the castle. From 1628 until the end of World War II, the estate belonged to the De Furov family.

Today the castle is open to visitors. The rich decoration of all rooms of the castle is imbued with the spirit of the past. The premises of the dining room, made in the romantic Gothic style, are decorated with ceremonial portraits, armor, weapons and coats of arms of the owners. Also noteworthy are the blue salon, chapel and castle libraries.

Visitors are also presented with antique interiors with furniture XVI – 20th century, Renaissance dresses and costumes, as well as Gothic cellars where exhibitions are held today.

Wedding ceremonies are often held in the Baroque palace chapel, built in the second half of the 17th century.


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Topic: Hruby Rogoziec Castle in the Czech Republic.Hruby Rogoziec Castle in the Czech Republic

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