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Leby Castle in the Czech Republic

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The леleba Castle is the ancestral estate of the feudal lords of the Luchtenburgs. The castle is located just 20 kilometers from the town of Kunta Gora, on the banks of the Doubrava River.  

This castle is rightfully considered one of the most harmonious buildings in the Czech Republic, attracting tourists here not only beauty, but also a ghost legend. This legend originated in this place back in the 19th century, when the governess died here under tragic circumstances. Since then, her spirit has wandered around the castle, pursuing all its visitors.

The Замокleba Castle is one of the most unique buildings of the era of Romanticism. Crossing the threshold each guest of the castle finds himself in an old fairy tale with brave warriors and court ladies.

In 1289, an ancient defensive fortress was located on the site where the castle stands today. In 1427 the fortress was destroyed by the army of Jan Hus, after which it was rebuilt. At the beginning of the 17th century, subtle Renaissance features first appeared in the architecture of the castle. Already in the middle of the 17th century, the castle acquired the Baroque style. In the 18th century, the building acquired the style of romanticism, thanks to the efforts of architects B. Shkvor and F. Schmorantz.

Above the gate at the entrance to the castle, there is a bison's head carved from sandstone. According to legend, one of the representatives of the noble family of Auerspergs was able to defeat the ferocious bison with his bare hands. And now a sculpture of an animal installed as a sign of respect, it flaunts on the castle gates. Right in front of the gate, there is a beautiful fountain, near which you can see two marble pillars brought here from Pompeii.

The chapel of the castle is a repository of altars and sculptures. In order to enter the chapel, you need to cross the courtyard of the castle, decorated with Renaissance arcades. In the courtyard, there is also a notable monument erected in honor of Vincent Karl Auersperg.

In the first hall, guests are greeted by a knight on horseback, dressed in medieval armor. The most striking attraction of the castle is the Ox tongue - the Italian executioner's sword. A collection of ancient weapons from the times of the Hussite wars is also presented to the attention of visitors, which is complemented by a coronation sword, which belonged to Ferdinand the First Habsburg, finished in silver and gold.

The main rooms of the castle are decorated with paintings, Czech and German glass, and porcelain.
A beautiful park was laid out around the castle, in which the rarest species of red deer - white deer - live. Legend has it that everyone who sees this deer will find happiness.


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