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Troy Castle in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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Troja Castle is an elegant Baroque palace, one of the most beautiful summer residences in Prague. The castle is located in the Troy region.

The construction of the building was carried out in 1678-1685 by order of Count Sternberg, who at that time was one of the most prominent aristocrats. The design of the building was entrusted to the architect Mate.

When visiting the castle, the first thing that attracts attention is   a spectacular staircase, decorated with columns and sculptures in the form of ancient titans and gods. The statues were created by Dresden sculptors Pavel and Grigory Germanov, who were able to convey the atmosphere of the times of Antiquity, presenting the scenes of battles between titans and gods to the eyes of visitors.

The brothers Isaac and Abraham Godinovs worked on the decoration of the Habsburg Hall, as well as Mate, who graduated from the Italian school of masters. Also of interest are the so-called 'Chinese Rooms', notable for their collection of ceramics and wall paintings from the 19th century.

The interior of the castle is mostly decorated with baroque furniture and paintings depicting royal dogs and horses, and scenes hunting. Animalistic paintings at that time in Europe were quite popular, the owners often forked out in order to capture their beloved pet on canvas.

In the 1970s, restoration work was carried out in the building, at the end of which Troy Castle became part of the Prague Gallery, which today exhibits in one of the halls a collection of paintings by painters XIX – XX centuries.

The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park, decorated with statues, fountains and green labyrinths.


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Topic: Troy Castle in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Troy Castle in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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