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Anezhsky monastery in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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Anezh Monastery, located in the city of Prague, is the oldest monastery complex built in the early Gothic style. Today the monastery creates a collection of exceptional historical and architectural values.

The monastery was founded by the sister of King Wenceslas I – Princess Agnes for the Order of the Clarice in 1231. Anezhka became the abbess of this monastery, soon she was named blessed, and in 1990 she was canonized.

For a long time, the monastery was surrounded by extreme favor and special attention of the royal court. From the very beginning, the monastery was a hotbed of Gothic architecture in the city of Prague.

In 1240, the territory of the Anezhsky monastery was significantly expanded due to the annexation of the male monastery. The close proximity of the Monastery of Claristoses to the Minorite Monastery caused a sharp need for the construction of a new church, since the old church was assigned to the Minorites.

In the middle of the 13th century, a monastery ambit and a kitchen covered with vaults were erected especially for Clarice women .

In 1420, during the first popular riots, all the monasteries in Prague were empty. At the end of the Hussite wars, the monastery was used as a mint and a warehouse for weapons.

In 1556 the monastery was inhabited by the Dominicans, and in 1626 the Clares returned here, and remained here until the dissolution of Anezh. monastery by Joseph II.

Since then, the monastery has remained abandoned. Soon the question arose about the liquidation of the monastery, but, fortunately, the historical monument was saved. In 1892, restoration work was carried out here, during which the temple buildings were preserved in their original form.

In 1978, the monastery complex was proclaimed a cultural monument. In 2002, after a flood, the monastery was badly damaged,

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Topic: Anezhsky monastery in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Anezhsky monastery in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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