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Ruins of the ancient city of Kabile in Bulgaria

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The ancient city of Kabile is nowadays the Bulgarian National Archaeological Reserve, located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria.

The city was founded in 2000 BC. In 341 BC. Kabile was captured by the army of Philip the Great, after which it was part of the empire of Alexander the Great.

In 71 BC. the city became part of the Roman Empire, and after 45 years it became part of the province of Thrace. In the II-III centuries A.D. the city was the largest military and commercial center.

In the IV century, the city was captured by the Goths. After the arrival of the barbarians, Kabile was completely destroyed, after which it was not rebuilt, and until the XIV century it existed as a small village. In the 14th century, after the arrival of the Turks, a small settlement was built on the ruins of the city.

The city was built according to all the rules of the Hellenistic era. The main square was located in the central part of the city, on which the Temple of Apollo was built – god who had a great influence among the Thracians. Also in the city was the temple of Hecate, dedicated to the goddess Artemis, who was the patroness of the city.

In 1965, the ruins of the city were declared an archaeological reserve of national importance. Today, the remains of walls and the ruins of many buildings can be observed here, as well as the western and eastern gates of the city. Of interest are also the Roman baths and barracks, the central square, the bishop's basilica, etc.

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Topic: Ruins of the ancient city of Kabile in Bulgaria.Ruins of the ancient city of Kabile in Bulgaria

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