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Cherven Fortress in Bulgaria

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Cherven is a medieval Bulgarian fortress city, the ruins of which can be seen in the village of Cherven, just 35 kilometers from Ruse.

During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the city was one of the most significant economic, military-administrative and church and cultural centers. The fortress was densely built up and a complex system of fortifications.

In 1235, gatherings of the Bulgarian Red Diocese were often organized in the fortress, after which its importance increased. In 1242, the fortress was conquered by the Byzantine army and suffered quite a lot from the invasion of the Tatars.

In the XIV century, Cherven grew up as a large craft center famous for metal processing and ore mining. Arts and construction were also studied here. Thanks to the junction of roads to the hinterland from the Danube, the fortress became an important trade center. In 1388, Cherven was captured by the Ottoman Turks and completely destroyed.

Today, the fortress is an archaeological site, the excavations of which have made a significant contribution to the study of the Bulgarian medieval culture. The very first excavations, led by Professor Vasil Zlatarski, were carried out here in 1910. Since 1961, regular excavations have been conducted here, during which were discovered: 13 churches, fortress walls, a large feudal castle, underground water passages, craft workshops, residential buildings.

The tower, consisting of three floors, has been completely preserved. dating from the 14th century. Today, all discovered items are in museums in the cities of Sofia and Ruse. Among the collections one can observe jewelry, coins, ceramics, craft tools,

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Topic: Cherven Fortress in Bulgaria.Cherven Fortress in Bulgaria

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