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Franciscan monastery in Croatia, Rijeka resort

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The Franciscan monastery was built in 1702-1710 in the Renaissance style, but it was changed in the 1840s. The monastery complex included: a church consecrated in 1750, a hospice, which was declared a monastery in 1746, the chapel of the Holy Virgin Mary and a bell tower are located on the south side of the church.    

A large reservoir was created for the monastery in the rock. For the first time in Rovinj, explosives were used to build it.

In 1878, the building of the monastery complex was expanded (the western wing was completed).

The monastery houses a museum that has a large collection of art works of the 15th-20th centuries: sculptures, paintings, church robes and books, various liturgical objects. The Trees of Knowledge are very interesting exhibits under the names"Chronology of Ancient History" and"Chronology of Changes in Monarchies". These graphic works were created by the Venetian master Theodore Viero in the 19th century.

The monastery library contains a collection of valuable books (about 800 volumes), some of which date back to the 16th-18th centuries.    

Currently, the monastery itself is closed to the public, two monks live in it.

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Topic: Franciscan monastery in Croatia, Rijeka resort.Franciscan monastery in Croatia, Rijeka resort

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