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City of Safed in Israel, Galilee resort

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Safed is one of the four holy Jewish cities, along with Tiberias, Jerusalem and Hebron. The city is located on one of the mountain peaks of the Upper Galilee, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level.

During the reign of Cyrus the Great, Safed was one of the fortified cities where the Zealot rebels were consolidated.

During the Middle Ages, the crusaders, trying to control the strategic height, erected a large fortress on the top. The powerful double wall was 28 meters high. Seven towers were installed on the outside of the wall. Over time, the city began to develop around the fortress. During the period of the Crusaders and Mamluks, the city already had the status of a district center.

Safed acquired its fame in the 16-17 centuries, in connection with the whole galaxy of famous rabbis-mystics who moved here, hiding from the Inquisition from Portugal and Spain. Among them were such famous people as Yosef Karo, who created the Shulchan Aruch. – a set of Jewish laws, and Moshe Cordovero, who wrote books on the hidden sides of the Pentateuch of the Torah.

Not far from the city, ancient tombs of Jewish sages have been preserved. One of the most famous is the Rashbi tomb, where the relics of Shimon bar Yochai are today. Also noteworthy is the grave of Yonathan ben Uziel. According to legends, everyone who comes to Jonathan's grave and prays properly – marries within a year.

  In 1929, after the pogrom, houses located on the main street of the city were plundered, after which they were set on fire.

In 1947-49, during the Arab-Israeli war, about 10 thousand Arabs and 2 thousand Jews lived in the city. With the transfer of the city under Jewish control, the bulk of the Arab population was forced to flee, the rest was evicted.

Today, there are numerous active yeshivas and synagogues in the city. The city is famous for its workshops and galleries, where you can watch the work of local craftsmen. There is also a colony of artists in Safed, on the territory of which the famous synagogues in the country are located.

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Topic: City of Safed in Israel, Galilee resort.City of Safed in Israel, Galilee resort

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