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Mount Carmel in Israel, Haifa resort

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Carmel is a mountain range located in the northwestern part of Israel. From the west, the ridge borders the Mediterranean Sea, from the north - the valley of Zvulun and the Hai Bay.

According to legend, Ilya the Prophet once lived on the mountain. It is also believed that Mount Carmel became the 'homeland' Order of the Carmelites.

In the 13-12 centuries BC. the mountain served as a natural border between the Phoenicians and the Israelite tribes. Later this land was captured by the Assyrians. Over the centuries, Carmel has passed from hand to hand. The great commander Alexander the Great used the mountain as a strategic foothold, later he built a military camp here.

After the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans, Jews from the central part of the country moved to the north, As a result, the first settlements appeared on the slopes of Mount Carmel.

The highest flowering of Carmel was achieved in the Roman-Byzantine era. The importance of Carmel increased again already in the Middle Ages, when the ridge was used by the crusaders as an observation point. The city of Haifa at that time became the center of the seigneur. Then the Carmelite Order arose here.

With the arrival of the Mamluks, Carmel was abandoned by the crusaders, who also followed the monks. The main part of the population then were Muslim Arabs who were engaged in agriculture here.

In 1929, during the Arab unrest, the Druze sheikh who lived on Kamela published an appeal to co-religionists not to take part in the attack on Jews by Arab armed groups .

After the War of Independence, new Jewish settlements and cities and towns began to appear on the mountain. In 1970, Carmel was declared a nature reserve.

At the headland of the mountain is the Tel Shikmon zone, where archaeological excavations are being conducted today.

The city of Haifa is located on the northwestern part of the Carmel ridge. On the mountain spurs, many areas of Haifa were built – Neve Sheanan, Adar, and others. The most prestigious areas of the city are located on the very crest of the mountain – Khorev, Carmel, Denia, etc. At the tip in the northwestern part of the ridge, a Haifa lighthouse was built. The upper station of the city's only cable car is also located nearby.

To conquer the mountain, in addition to the cable car, you can also ride on the underground funicular `` Carmelite ''.

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Topic: Mount Carmel in Israel, Haifa resort.Mount Carmel in Israel, Haifa resort

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