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Phaselis city ruins in Turkey, Kemer resort

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Phaselis is an ancient city located on the territory of modern Turkey, in the province of Antalya. According to historians, the city was founded by colonists who arrived from the island of Rhodes in the 7th century BC

In the 5th century BC. the city was dominated by the Persians. In the same century, the city was freed from the power of the Persians and was part of the Athenian Maritime Union.

In the 4th century BC. the city was ruled by Kariya Mavsol - the head of the region, and Pericles - the ruler of the city of Limyra.

In 333 BC. the city was visited by Alexander the Great, who was awarded a golden crown. After the Macedonian, the city was ruled by Plotomei, the Rhodians, and in 167 BC. Phaselis joined the Lycian League.

Up to 2 BC the city was often raided by pirates until it crossed over to Rome. At this time, an active reconstruction began in the city.

In 129, Phaselis was visited by the great emperor Hadrian, and therefore, at the entrance to the main street, a monumental arch was built in his honor.

Historians believe that the city has repeatedly suffered from epidemics of fever brought here, probably by Rhodes sailors, and also experienced difficult days due to attacks by wild wasps.
In the 5-6th centuries, the city accepted the terms of the Chalcedonian Cathedral.

In the 7th century, after frequent invasions of the Arabs, a new period of prosperity began in the city. as evidenced by the ruins of structures and city walls dating back to this period.

In 1158, the city was besieged by the Seljuks. Subsequently, an earthquake and an increase in trade activity in other ports led to the fact that by the 13th century the city lost its significance.

Most of the surviving ruins belong to the Byzantine and Roman periods, and are located on the main street connecting the south and north harbors.

In the area of the agora and theater, there is a square, from which you can get to the ancient acropolis by stairs. Next to it on the slope is the Phaselis Theater, built in the 4th century BC, which is an example of an amphitheater of the Hellenistic period.

To the right of the entrance to the city, you can see the most ancient fortress walls dating back to the 3rd century BC, as well as the ruins of a monumental crypt or temple. Behind the northern harbor, on the slopes, is the city cemetery.

The ruins of the aqueduct are the most interesting and impressive sight. There are also tanks for water. The water supplying the city came from a source on a hill.

There were three agoras in Phaselis - two on the right side of the main street, and one opposite the theater, where today you can see the remains of a Byzantine basilica. Also impressive are the city baths located in the town square area.

Of particular interest are the Temple of Hermes and the Temple of Athena.

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Topic: Phaselis city ruins in Turkey, Kemer resort.Phaselis city ruins in Turkey, Kemer resort

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