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Omodos village in Cyprus, Troodos resort

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Omodos village is located on the slopes of the Troodos ridge. The inhabitants of this village have managed to preserve the originality and historical flavor. The unusual atmosphere of the village is created by the houses, mostly white or light shades, which are entwined with bright flowers and grapes.

A large number of grapes determined the destination of the village - here they have been engaged in winemaking since ancient times. In the village of Omodos wine of the brands"Linos","Herolimo","Marion" is produced, which is appreciated by both local residents and guests of the island. Every August, the village hosts a wine festival.

In the center of the village is a monastery dedicated to the true cross. This monastery contains a particle of the true cross and a piece of rope that bound the hands of Jesus Christ, as well as the relics of the holy Apostle Philip. The interior of the monastery is also of interest, as there are many ancient icons and an iconostasis with skillful wood carvings. A restored grape press is located in the courtyard of the monastery. On the territory of the monastery there is also a small museum dedicated to the struggle for the liberation of Cyprus.

There is an ethnographic museum in the village, which is located in a house where several generations of one Cypriot family lived for 400 years. Shown here is the traditional interior of a Cypriot farmhouse that prides itself on the loom.


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Topic: Omodos village in Cyprus, Troodos resort.Omodos village in Cyprus, Troodos resort

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