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Flower Rain Terrace in China, Nanjing Resort

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In Chinese, the name of this park sounds like Yuhuatai. It is located south of Nanjing, on a hill next to the Zhonghuamen gate. According to legend, the terrace was named so because in the 5th century BC a Buddhist monk preached and prayed here. God was moved by his sermons and sent a rain of flower petals to the earth. Falling, the petals turned into colored stones. There are still many of them in the park, although tourists often take them with them as souvenirs.

The park is divided into six zones. Plot with colored stones – this is just one of these zones. The rest are an ecological recreation zone, a zone of ancient monuments, an amusement zone, tea drinking and the Memorial to Fallen Heroes.

This place has been popular among the Chinese as a place for walking since its inception, that is, from the 5th century BC. However, in the 20th century, the park has earned a sad glory -   The Kuomintang used the hill on which the terrace was located as a place for executions. Therefore, today the main attraction of the park & ndash; it is a memorial erected in memory of those executed since 1927 by the Kuomintang government. According to some reports, about 100 thousand revolutionaries, workers, communists and representatives of other groups of people died here.

In the past few years, several new buildings have been erected in the park overgrown with pine trees: Yuhuage Pavilion , Erchun prayer hall, Ganlu well, cinnamon tree garden, fountain and other objects.

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Topic: Flower Rain Terrace in China, Nanjing Resort.Flower Rain Terrace in China, Nanjing Resort

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