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Summer house in Montenegro, Tivat resort

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In the very center of the city, there is one of the main attractions - the Renaissance Bucha House-Museum (or Summer House).

The Buch House is a summer residence , which formerly belonged to the aristocratic Buch family. The complex of the house includes: the house itself, a family chapel, outbuildings, a garden with fragments of garden architecture, a tower and a stone wall.

This house at the end of the 18th century was bought by Marko Lukovic (sea captain from Prcanj). A little later, the heirs of the Lukovic family transferred part of the territory of the mansion to the city for the construction of the city arsenal.

One of the oldest parts of the complex is the tower. Initially, there was a wooden balcony at the top of the tower, used for defense purposes. The chapel is dedicated to Archangel Michael and is made in the Baroque style.   On the south side of the tower there is a residential building, which was almost completely rebuilt at the end of the 19th century. Currently, the house houses a gallery and a museum exposition. In the middle of the   XX century, a cinema and a summer theater were built in the mansion.

Presentations, various exhibitions, film festivals are now held in the Renaissance Buch house.  


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Topic: Summer house in Montenegro, Tivat resort.Summer house in Montenegro, Tivat resort

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