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Metronome in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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The Metronome is one of the main attractions of the city of Prague.

In 1948, the idea arose to create the largest monument to Joseph Stalin in Prague. According to the results of the competition for the design of the monument, Otakar Shvets won, who specialized mainly in sugar sculptures.

According to Shvets's project, a powerful figure of the leader came to the fore, on the left behind which were four representatives of the Soviet peoples, and on the right side – four representatives of the peoples of the Czech Republic. The USSR was represented by a worker, a Red Army soldier, a scientist and a collective farmer, Czechoslovakia – inventor, peasant woman, worker and soldier. Premises were made in the pedestal shortly after construction.

After Stalin's death, which happened   On March 5, 1953, Gottwald, who oversaw the project, also died a few days later.

  The opening of the monument took place in May 1955, Nikita Khrushchev and Kaganovich were present. In 1961, after the Congress of the CPSU, it was decided to liquidate the monument.

The monument was blown up three times. All entrances to the premises of the monument were blocked. In 1962, the demolitionists were replaced by bricklayers who, in a month of work, were able to turn such a huge monument into paving stones. The cobblestones were put into the paving of the lower part of Wenceslas Square. Not finding use for the concrete fragments, it was decided to flood them in the Vltava.

Until 1989, the pedestal of the statue functioned as a warehouse for vegetables, but soon a rock club was opened here. In 1990, a private radio station, Radio Stalin, was located here.

At the time of the General Czechoslovak Exhibition in 1991, it was decided to install a metronome on the pedestal. The sculptor Vratislav Karel Novak was entrusted with the design. The installation was carried out using a helicopter. At the end of the construction, the metronome was 24 meters high.

After the exhibition, the metronome remained on the pedestal, but remained motionless. Nowadays it functions. Today, next to the metronome, a skateboarding competition is taking place.

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Topic: Metronome in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Metronome in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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