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Museu Frederic Mares in Spain, Barcelona resort

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This museum displays a collection of Frederic Mares, a renowned sculptor, which he donated to the city. In addition to religious art, there are exhibitions dedicated to the history of culture   from the 15th to the 20th century.

Museum attractions

Lapidarium. Here you can see stone sculptures created in the early Christian and Gothic periods. The foundation of this building contains parts of the Roman wall that once surrounded the city. It is worth paying attention to the entrances with arches. At one entrance, there are even preserved wooden doors that originally stood here. The room also contains two marble tombs dating from the early 15th century.

Religious sculpture. An open staircase leads from the patio to the first floor. The ground floor houses another part of the collection of sculptures, mostly religious. The statues are made in the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. There is also a small collection of lace, doll clothes and the dolls themselves, medals and coins, caskets and chests, as well as robes and Gothic panels.

Second floor. The second floor of the museum houses the Collesio Sentimental - a large collection that includes crockery, Baroque artwork, scales, hand tools, advertisements, playing cards, albums, dried flowers, vintage cameras, ashtrays, binoculars, tobacco cans, glasses, binoculars, china, silverware and more.

Roman sculptures. The basement floor houses a large collection of Gothic religious sculptures, including miraculous images and crucifixes. There is also a collection of small and large Roman sculptures.    


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Topic: Museu Frederic Mares in Spain, Barcelona resort.Museu Frederic Mares in Spain, Barcelona resort

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