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National Palace in Spain, Barcelona resort

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A little higher than the Exhibition Center, not far from Plaza de Espana, right at the very top of a wide staircase is Palau Nacional, which is Spanish means National Palace. The building of this palace is crowned with a dome, and it itself is architecturally embellished. Since 1934, the palace houses the Museum of Catalan Art. The original palace was built   for the World Exhibition of 1929.

Attractions of the National Palace

Magic Fountain. This fountain is located on the way to the palace. It runs from the beginning of summer until September, and all this time it is a stunning show of water, light and music.

Museum of Catalan Art. The collections of this museum cover almost all periods of the art history of Catalonia.

Section of Gothic Art. During the design of this section, the emphasis was not on chronology, but on systematicity. Here are works created not only in Catalonia, but also in other regions of the country. Here you can see stone and wood sculptures, various altar decorations, for example, the altar of the 14th century, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Section of Renaissance and Baroque art. This very small section displays Baroque and Renaissance artifacts from all over Spain and the Spanish Netherlands.

Romanesco Art Section. Here are frescoes from various churches in Spain. For this, in this section, vaults and vaulted ceilings of churches were accurately reproduced, in which the original images were placed. Replicas were placed in the churches from which the frescoes were removed. In addition to the frescoes, there are plans, drawings, drawings   and photographs of churches. Particular attention should be paid to the room where the asps from Santa Maria d ’ Aneu and Burgal are exhibited.  


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