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Wanping Fortress in China, Beijing Resort

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This ancient fortress is located in the southwestern part of Beijing. It was built in 1683. Its mission was to defend Beijing from Li Zicheng's rebels. It was originally called Gongji. It was with the shelling of this fortress by the Japanese that the Second Sino-Japanese War began.

The walls of the fortress are a rectangle 320 by 640 meters. The bridge starts from the western gate. The main street of the fortress runs from west to east. North of the street is the Museum of the Second Sino-Japanese War. Souvenir shops are located along the road. Also on the territory of the fortress you can see a museum of traditional urban life of the Chinese.

Both inside and outside the fortress there are many monuments, steles and sculptures. The oldest, as well as many modern sculptures, are located outside the western gate.

A little south of the Wanping Fortress in 2000, the"Sculpture Garden in honor of the Chinese people's war against Japan" was created. Its area is 2.25 hectares. In the center of the garden is a 15-meter-high stele with text written by Jiang Zeming. The area of the park around the Garden of Sculptures is 8.56 hectares.  


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Topic: Wanping Fortress in China, Beijing Resort.Wanping Fortress in China, Beijing Resort

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