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Great Wall of China

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The Great Wall of China is a real symbol of China - for both foreigners and residents of this country. This wall is one of the most elaborate and largest structures in the entire world. It stretches from the Gobi Desert through Northern China, passes northeast of Beijing and ends at the Liaodong Bay.

Its length from one end to the other is almost 2.5 thousand kilometers. However, if you take into account the ramparts extending from the wall, you get about 6.5 thousand kilometers. At the time of edged weapons, the Wall was a reliable protection from nomads.

It began to be built already in the 8th century BC. rulers of small states. In total, there were 3 Great Walls of China. They were built for 2   000 years.

The first wall was built under the unifier of China, Emperor Qin Shi-Huangdi. It was built to protect against the Mongols and as a proof of the greatness and power of the ruler.

The second wall was built during the Han dynasty from 206 BC to 200 AD. She was needed to protect against the Huns who were destroying the old wall. If earlier the wall was mainly just a network of earthen ramparts, now they were reinforced with stones.

The last wall was built during the Ming dynasty. It was built by 1 million people. An important condition was that any tower of the wall had to be visible from two adjacent ones - this was necessary for signal transmission.

Previously, the Great Wall of China was a real obstacle for everyone who wanted to get to China. Special checkpoints made in the wall were necessarily closed at night and were not opened under any circumstances, even at the request of the emperor. It was quite difficult and simple to get into the country - sometimes the entry procedure lasted several months.

And only after China was conquered by the Manchus in 1644, the Great Wall of China was absolutely unnecessary and gradually it was completely abandoned.

The Great Wall of China was included in the list of national monuments of China in 1962. In 1987, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Quite recently, scientists were able to finally find out the composition of the mortar with which the bricks of the Wall were fastened - its main component is a viscous and sticky rice mass. It is thanks to her that the wall still stands.

Anyone can climb the Chinese Wall, and if you reach a certain height, you will receive a special certificate. Some people believe that the Wall can be seen from space, but this is not true.

Weather conditions are gradually destroying the Great Wall of China. It is also negatively affected by the use of Wall bricks to build their homes by some locals

Projects are currently being developed in China to restore this great national monument.  

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