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Hengshan Mountains in China

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These mountains are a shrine for all followers of Taoism and Buddhism. They are located in the Hunan province of China and are rightfully considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the entire country.

The second name of these mountains is Nanyue. Their length is about 400 kilometers. There are 72 mountain peaks in this area. The northernmost mountain is Yuelu Peak, located near the city of Changsha, and the southernmost is Huian, located near the city of Hengyang.

The most famous peaks in these mountains are Zhurong, Shilin, Fezhen, Tianzhu and Zigai. Zhurong is the tallest mountain in Hengshan, its height is 1290 meters. This peak is located 45 kilometers from Hengyang, in the southern part of the mountains.

These mountains are famous for the fact that a large number of Buddhist and Taoist shrines are located on their slopes, monasteries and temple complexes. In addition, the mountains have attractions such as numerous steles, sculptures, stones with sacred inscriptions and much more.

On the slopes of Henshan there are many ancient Buddhist temples, among which the Nanyue temple complex stands out. With an area of approximately 10 square kilometers, it is one of the largest of its kind in southern China. This temple complex is very similar to the famous Beijing Gugong. Its distinctive feature is that there are 8 Taoist temples in the eastern part of the complex, and 8 Buddhist temples in the western part.

Every year not only thousands of tourists come here, but also numerous pilgrims from all over the world. The former want to get acquainted with the spiritual and material culture of Buddhists and Taoists, as well as look at the beautiful landscapes and views that open from these mountains. The goal of pilgrims is to get in touch with the shrines of their faith.

Hengshan is also a real reserve. There are just under two thousand species of plants growing here, and every spring millions of flowers bloom on the mountain slopes.  

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Topic: Hengshan Mountains in China.Hengshan Mountains in China

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