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City of Portovenere in Italy

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Portovenere is a small Italian town located in the province of La Spezia, in the Liguria region. The total area of the city is 7 km 2. Portovenere includes the villages of La Grazi, Portovenere, Fezzano and the three islands of Tino, Tinetto and Palmaria. In 1997, the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city is worth visiting the Gothic Church of St. Peter, erected in 1198, the Romanesque Church of St. Lawrence, built in 1098 by Genoese architects. The church was built on the site of an old temple, which was dedicated to the god Jupiter. In 1340 the church was badly damaged by fire, and in 1494 it suffered from an attack by the Aragonese. almost 100 years later it was restored. Also of interest is the castle of the Doria family, which in the XII – XIV centuries was one of the most influential families in the country.

Tino Island along with the Tinetto and Palmaria islands form a small archipelago. The island gained its fame due to the fact that at the turn of the VI – VII centuries here lived Saint Venus – one of the patrons of the La Spezia region. In the XI century, a monastery was founded on the saint's grave, which has survived to our time. Today the island of Tino is a restricted area. Every year on Saint Venus's day, September 13, a wide visit to the island is possible.

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Topic: City of Portovenere in Italy.City of Portovenere in Italy

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