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Kazanlak Tomb in Bulgaria

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The Kazanlak tomb is a masterpiece of Thracian painting and architecture. The tomb was discovered in 1944.

According to historians, the tomb was created in the 4th century BC, at the same time its walls were painted. Even in antiquity, the tomb was plundered.

The tomb consists of a small vestibule, a corridor and a tomb chamber, which has a round-domed shape. The entire lower part of the room and the floor of the tomb were plastered and painted red, white and black. The vault of the room is decorated with frescoes depicting a Thracian memorial meal. The upper and lower parts of the fresco have a decorative frieze made in the form of horsemen, warriors and war chariots.

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Topic: Kazanlak Tomb in Bulgaria.Kazanlak Tomb in Bulgaria

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