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Veliki Preslav in Bulgaria

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Veliki Preslav is a Bulgarian city located on the banks of the Golyama-Kamchia River, in the Shumen region.

In 893, after Vladimir Rasate was overthrown, his place was taken by Simeon the Great, who wished to move the capital from Pliska to Preslav. After that, the city becomes the center of Christianization of the country.

In 919, at the Church Council in Preslav, the autocephaly of the Bulgarian Church was proclaimed and its elevation to the rank of Patriarchate.

In 971 the city was captured by Byzantine troops Emperor John Tzimiskes.

In the XI-XII centuries during the Byzantine rule, Preslav fell into decay. However, after the uprising of the brothers Asen and Peter, the influence of the city was partially restored. At the end of the XIII century, after the arrival of the Tatars, the city was finally destroyed, in this connection, the last inhabitants were forced to move to new territories.

Since the end of the 19th century, archaeological excavations have been regularly carried out in the city. Previously, Preslav was surrounded by a powerful stone wall, 10 meters high and about 3 meters wide. It was also found that the city consisted of two parts – the inner city, which combined a complex of royal buildings, and the outer city – consisting of residential buildings, churches and workshops.

Today the National Historical and Archaeological Museum is located in the city.

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Topic: Veliki Preslav in Bulgaria.Veliki Preslav in Bulgaria

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