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Baths of Caracalla in Italy, Rome resort

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The Baths of Caracalla, also known as the Antonine Baths, are located between the hills of Caelian and Aventine, behind the Capenian Gate, on the Appian Way.

The baths were built started in 212 A.D. by order of the Emperor Caracalla, completed in 217. In the 5th century, these terms were ranked as one of the wonders of Rome. Territorially, the baths occupied about 11 hectares. The main building of the thermal bath was the `` bath building '' located in the park, which today is surrounded by various rooms.

Bronze frames of large semicircular windows in the main hall were decorated with thin plates of translucent stone. Outside, the baths, built of stone and concrete, were faced with marble slabs. From hewn stones and bricks, the Romans laid out, as it were, a `` shell '' a building into which a concrete mass was poured. Most of the backs, which appear to be separate slabs, are actually hardened concrete 'chunks'. On both sides of the main entrance there are two large exedras.

Opposite the main entrance, on the left and right sides, there were two spacious halls, judging by the interior equipment, the premises were libraries. Low steps ran along the walls on three sides, along which one could climb to niches with scrolls. Between the halls in the center were rows of seats like an amphitheater, which rounded somewhat towards both ends. Right in front of them was the stadium. Water in the cisterns located above the amphitheater, was delivered from the Marcia aqueduct.

Get into the `` bath building '' it was possible through four entrances. On both sides of the frigidarium there were covered halls, to which two central entrances led. There was no roof over the frigidarium, on one axis behind it there was a large room, which was mistakenly considered a tepidarium, although it did not have any devices for a firebox. The caldarium was surrounded by small compartments in which one could wash one by one. On both sides of the caldarium there were rooms for rehearsals and meetings.

Particularly noteworthy are the palestras, located perfectly symmetrically, one is in the northwest, the other is – on the northeast side of the building. There was an apse on each palaestra,

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Topic: Baths of Caracalla in Italy, Rome resort.Baths of Caracalla in Italy, Rome resort

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