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Baths of Agrippa in Italy, Rome resort

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The Baths of Agrippa represent the first great baths in Rome. The terms got their name in honor of their creator Mark Vipsanius Agrippa – heir and son-in-law of Octavian Augustus.

Initially, the thermal baths practically did not differ from the saunas, as they used cold immersion and dry steam. In 19 BC. after the completion of the Virgo aqueduct, the water supply to the baths became regular, after which they became the first regular baths in Rome. The baths were decorated with works of art by Agrippa, and outside there was a sculpture of the athlete Lysippos. In 12 BC. The baths were left by Agrippa to the people of Rome.

In 80 AD. there was a fire in the baths. Soon after that, restoration work was carried out in the baths, during which the complex was expanded. The baths were in great demand during the time of Martial, and were expanded several times by the emperors over the years. In the 7th century, some of the terms were disassembled into building materials for residential buildings.


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Topic: Baths of Agrippa in Italy, Rome resort.Baths of Agrippa in Italy, Rome resort

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