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Roman Baths in Bulgaria, Varna Resort

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Roman Baths are located in the southeastern part of Varna. Previously, the thermal baths occupied more than 7 thousand m 2 and were the largest public buildings in Bulgaria. Archaeological excavations carried out here showed that the structure was built at the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd century and operated until the end of the 3rd century.

Visiting the thermal baths was a daily ritual of the Romans. In addition to the bathing facilities, there were also halls for sports, recreation, meetings, etc. In addition to the closed hall, the baths had a spacious courtyard surrounded by colonnades and shops.

Today, the best-preserved part of the baths is the Roman Tower, which was previously one of the walls of the western apoditherium. The thresholds and staircases of the building were made of stone blocks. Inside and outside, the baths were decorated with marble cornices, columns and other architectural elements.

In the 3rd century, there was a political and social crisis, in connection with which, the maintenance of the baths became quite expensive and as a result the building was simply abandoned. The decorative elements and stones were subsequently used to build other structures.

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Topic: Roman Baths in Bulgaria, Varna Resort.Roman Baths in Bulgaria, Varna Resort

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