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Baths of Diocletian in Italy, Rome resort

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The Baths of Diocletian in our time are the ruins of ancient Roman baths, located near the Republic Square.

The construction of the baths was started in 298, and already in 305, they were consecrated in honor of the emperor Diocletian. The baths complex geographically occupied more than 13 hectares. The construction of the thermal baths was carried out according to a plan similar to the thermal baths of Trajan and Caracalla. The complex could accommodate up to three thousand people at a time. The beautiful thermal gardens were decorated with pavilions and fountains. On the territory of the complex there were also halls for sports exercises and meetings, there was a library.

Nowadays, in some of the rooms of the thermal, the National Roman Museum is located. where a collection of Greek and Roman art is kept. The central hall of the thermae has been rebuilt into the temple of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri, and one of the circular halls now houses the church of San Bernardo alle Terme.  


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Topic: Baths of Diocletian in Italy, Rome resort.Baths of Diocletian in Italy, Rome resort

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