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Madonna di San Luca in Italy, Bologna resort

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Madonna di San Luca is a Catholic sanctuary located in the historic center of the city on Sentinel Hill. The church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is now the center of the pilgrimage, which is aimed at venerating the hand-made icon of the Virgin Mary and Child, created by St. Luke. You can go to the sanctuary through a covered gallery, which starts immediately from the gate of Saragozza.

According to legend, a Greek hermit once made a pilgrimage to Constantinople, where he received an icon painted by an evangelist from the priests of the Church of St. Sophia Luca. The priests instructed him to take the icon to the `` Guard Hill '', which was indicated in the inscription of the icon itself. First, the hermit went to Rome in search of a hill, where he learned from the senator, that the mountain is located in the vicinity of the city of Bologna. Soon the icon was delivered to the city, where it was carried to the hill with a solemn procession.

The skete arose on the hill in 1192 at the request of the daughter of Caikle di Bonfantino – Angelica Bonfantini, and two years later the first temple was founded here, blessed by Pope Celestine III.

In 1278, the nuns, who were originally guided by the Rite of St. Augustine, became part of the Dominican Order ... In 1290, a new convent was founded near the gate of Saragozza, which was consecrated in honor of St. Matthew. In 1376 the monastery was moved inside the city walls.

For several decades, the monastery was in decline due to the political instability of the city. Soon, thanks to the growing pilgrimage, the sanctuary blossomed again.

In 1481, the sanctuary building was completely renewed thanks to numerous gifts from private individuals. On the southern slope of the hill, there was a monastery in which the nuns who guard the sanctuary lived.

In 1874, the sanctuary was declared a national monument.

Construction of the current building of the sanctuary was started in 1723 by the architect Carlo Francesco Dotti. The grand opening took place in 1765 by Archbishop Vincenzo Malvezzi. Building's facade, the dome and outer side stands were finished in 1774 by Giovanni Giacomo Dotti, according to drawings drawn by his father.

The road leading from the Saragozza gate to the sanctuary was paved with cobblestones in 1589. In the 15th century, 15 chapels were built along the road. Soon, with the growing number of pilgrims, it was decided to build a covered gallery or portico to protect the pilgrims from the rain. In 1655, the first project of the gallery was drawn up, the author was Camilo Saccenti. In 1673, a committee was set up to raise funds for the construction of the gallery.

At the end of the construction of the portico, it had 15 chapels and 666 arches, its length reached 3,796 kilometers. This portico is currently the longest in the world.

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Topic: Madonna di San Luca in Italy, Bologna resort.Madonna di San Luca in Italy, Bologna resort

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