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Mount Taishan in China, Urumqi resort

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This mountain is located in the mountain range of the same name in the heart of Shandong province. The height of the mountain is 1.5 thousand meters. Tanshan is one of the"five great mountains of China", together with the mountains Hengshan, Songshan,   Huashan in Shanxi province and Huashan in Hunan province.

Emperors of many dynasties, from Qin to Qing, came to pray to the mountains. Near Taishan Mountain, about 2 thousand stone steles and 20 ancient temples have survived. The Chinese still say that if"Taishan Mountains are calm, then all of China is stable." Many Chinese poets have visited this place, having written many works about this mountain.

At the foot of the mountain is the Daimiao Temple - the main temple of these places. This temple houses a statue of the spirit of Taishan. From Daimiao, the ascent to the mountains begins. Previously, it was here that the emperors brought gifts to the spirit of the mountains. This temple was built here in 220 BC, and in the period from 618 to 1279 it was expanded and restored. The main hall of the temple, Tiankuandian, was built during the Song Dynasty. In the temple, you can see a painting depicting the hunting of the spirit of the mountains and its return with trophies. On the territory of the temple there are many ancient trees and a large number of steles. Together with   Dachendian temples in Qufu and Taihedian temples in Gugong, this temple is called one of the three largest architectural ensembles in China.

The mountain landscapes are divided into five sections: extraordinary, mystery, beauty, spaciousness and silence.

The eastern path to the top of the mountain is located in the Silence region. If you walk along this road, consisting of 6293 steps, you can see many attractions: Zhongtianmen Gate, Jingshiyu Gorge, Doumugong Palace, Wanxianlou Tower, Hongmengong Palace and others. In the Jingshiyu gorge, hieroglyphs are carved from the sutra of the guardian god. The width of each is about half a meter. These hieroglyphs were carved here more than 1400 years ago, but they are perfectly preserved to this day. The steepest   path   up -"18 turns" is located on this road. This final stage of the climb consists of 1600 steps and is quite difficult to climb.

Taoshanyuan Park is also located in the Taishan Mountains, where you can get acquainted with the nature of southern China. And the Houshiu area is famous for its pine trees and waterfalls in the mountains.

In the vicinity of Mount Taishan, traces of people from the Paleolithic era were found. Remnants of such ancient cultures as Longshan and Davenkou can also be seen here.

However, Taishan is also modern. Cable cars were laid here, competitions are often held here in   mountaineering. The Taishan Mountains are famous all over the world as a natural and cultural heritage of China.  


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Topic: Mount Taishan in China, Urumqi resort.Mount Taishan in China, Urumqi resort

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