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Mount Laoshan in China, Qingdao Resort

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This mountain is located in the southeastern part of Shandong Island, 40 kilometers from Qingdao. This mountain is the highest on the coast of the country – the height of the highest peak Gigant is 1133 meters.

Laoshan Mountain is enveloped in many legends and beliefs. It is said to be inhabited by 'supernatural spirits'. The first emperor of the Qing dynasty – Qin Shi Huang - climbed the mountain in search of these very creatures. Li Longji, Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, also climbed this mountain in order to find the source of eternal life on it. This mountain was visited by many scientists and poets.

Laoshan – it is one of the sacred mountains of China. During the heyday of Taoism, there were about 72 monasteries, 8 temples and 9 palaces. However, many temples and monasteries were subsequently destroyed.

The Taoist monastery has survived to this day. The Palace of Great Purity – Taqing. It is one of the mountain's main treasures. This monastery was built in the style of the Song Dynasty. There are three pavilions on the territory of the monastery: the Pavilion of the Taoist Trinity, the Pavilion of the Three Emperors and the Pavilion of the Three Gods.

North of the Pavilion of Great Purity is the Beijushuei landscape town. This picturesque area is located at the headwaters of the Baixa River. Ponds of various sizes and shapes have formed along the river bed. There are 18 of them in total and they have very original names such as 'Delight' raquo; or 'Fishing'. These ponds – these are not only very beautiful places, but also the embodiment of the thrifty attitude towards nature of the Taoists. In Beijushui, there is a waterfall called the Dragon Pool. During the rainy season, a powerful sound is heard from it, which is heard throughout the neighborhood. This sound is very similar to the sound of waves crashing against the coastal rocks.

Another attraction can be seen on Laoshan Mountain - – cave of Buddha Naluoyan. The width of this cave is – 7 meters, height – 15 meters. It is a natural granite cave. In the ceiling of the cave, there is a round, even hole through which the sun can illuminate the entire cave. According to legend, this hole was formed with the help of perfume.

Laoshan is also famous for its mineral springs, which are considered the cleanest in all of China. The most famous of them are the Ocean of Holy Water next to the Shangqing Palace, the source of Immortal Water near the Baqing Monastery and the Tianyi Spring at the very top of the mountain.

Laoshan Mountain – it is a place where you can combine spa treatments, beach and outdoor activities, as well as natural and cultural sightseeing.  


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