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Brijuni Archipelago in Croatia

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The Brijuni archipelago consists of 14 islands and has the status of a national park in Croatia.

The flora of the archipelago is represented by extensive meadows and varied vegetation. An extraordinary unity has been achieved on the island   natural and human-made beauty. Initially, the nature of the island was not perfect. To turn the island into a beautiful landscape park, it was necessary to clear the forests of Mediterranean   shrubs and drain swamps. Now here, along with the pine forest, you can find about 650 species of subtropical plants, including such as laurel, palm, strawberry tree, rosemary, turpentine tree and other exotic trees. Of particular interest is the long-lived olive tree, which is about 1600 years old.

The fauna of the park is also quite rich. In the northern part of the archipelago, there is a 9 acre fenced area where a safari park has been created. Wild animals live here: South American camels, antelopes, zebras, Indian elephants, sacred cows. Especially for tourists, a train runs on the island, from the windows of which you can watch the inhabitants of the safari park. Those animals that could not acclimatize are now in the museum in the form of stuffed animals.

A lot of bird species live on the islands, including rare ones, such as bittern, black stork, white heron.

The waters that wash the islands of Brijuni are a marine park of organisms and plants characteristic of the northern Adriatic. The seabed is rich in sponges seaweed, molluscs, crustaceans and a variety of fish. There are species listed in the Red Book, as well as some species unknown to scientists.

The Brijuni Islands remain an elite resort. For tourists, there are several villas and 4 hotels. On these islands during the rest   everyone will find something to do according to their preferences. Also, on the islands there are a number of excursion programs that will acquaint tourists not only with the rich flora and fauna, but also allow you to see the ruins of ancient temples, the Church of St. Mary (VI century).

For outdoor enthusiasts have the opportunity to do archery, diving, play golf, polo and tennis, rent an electric car or bicycle, yacht or boat. It all depends on your financial capabilities and your interests.

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Topic: Brijuni Archipelago in Croatia.Brijuni Archipelago in Croatia

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