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Tarutao Marine Park in Thailand

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Tarutao Marine Park is annually visited by many tourists, this is a beautiful nature reserve. It is located in Thailand's southern province of Satun.

The easiest way to get to Tarutao is by flight from Bangkok to the city of Hat Yai, as there is no ferry service from Tarutao in summer. Then you will have to use water transport, for example, a motor boat, to visit the different islands of the archipelago.

The water area of the park includes 51 islands, and its total area is 1   490 square kilometers. The marine park is territorially divided into two parts: Mu Ko Adang-Rawi and Tarutao. The largest island in the archipelago is Tarutao. It has beautiful clean sandy   beaches, and the island itself gives an extraordinary atmosphere of peace and solitude. The park administration is also located here.

The natural attractions of the island include caves and waterfalls, as well as nearby coral reefs, home to a variety of marine fish species. On Tarutao you can also visit the ruins of ancient prisons at Ao Talo Wao and Ao Talo Udang.

Fans of diving and snorkelling from all over the world come to the marine park. Extremely rare species of birds and animals are found within it.

Green sea turtles come here to breed, which can be seen in special reservoirs created under the leadership of the park administration.

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Topic: Tarutao Marine Park in Thailand.Tarutao Marine Park in Thailand

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