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Gate of Alcala in Spain, Madrid resort

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This gate, located on Independence Square, is one of the most important gates of the capital of Spain. They are located at the intersection of streets such as   Salustiano Olosago, Serrano, Alfonso XII and Calle de Alcala.

Before these gates, there were other similar gates in Madrid, the Puerta de Alcala. They were built in 1599 of brick in honor of the arrival of the wife of Phillip II, Margaret of Austria. They were destroyed due to the fact that Calle de Alcala had to be expanded in 1764.

Charles III commissioned the construction of the new gate to the famous architect Francesco Sabatini. His project of this gate was executed in the neoclassical architectural style. The new gate was built by 1778. They were the city gates until 1896. After that, the square was reconstructed and they became just an architectural work.  

The gates are built of granite, have only five spans, of which three – arched. The space above the arched spans is decorated with lion heads. The outer aisles are made in the form of rectangular arches. The height of the gate at the central point – 20 meters.

On the east side, the facade of the building has eight granite columns. On the inside there are two columns and six pilasters.

Many famous events belong to the Alcala gate:  
  •   In 1823, the gate was fired from guns. Traces have survived to this day.
  •   Many parades, suites of famous people have passed through this arch. According to one of the most famous legends, Vikalvaro passed through these gates on July 30, 1854, carrying an enemy spear as a trophy. He was nicknamed by the name of the soldier who, according to the Bible, pierced the rib of Christ – Longinus.
  • Here the President of the Council of Ministers Eduardo Dato Iradier was killed by anarchists in 1921 on March 8 at 20:20.  


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Topic: Gate of Alcala in Spain, Madrid resort.Gate of Alcala in Spain, Madrid resort

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