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Sherwood Forest in the UK

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ImageOvergrown with a huge number of romantic legends, Sherwood Forest is actually a park area located near the village of Edwinstow in the British county of Nottinghamshire. The park that exists today is only a remnant of a much larger forest that once existed in these places. The history of this place is mostly legends and tales, not confirmed by exact facts. The most famous of them is the legend of Robin Hood, whose restless gang lived in this forest. Tourists who are interested are readily shown the old oak tree still growing here, which once allegedly housed the headquarters of a noble robber. This oak is probably more than 800-1000 years old and has been respectfully named the Major Oak. In Sherwood Forest, apparently, robbers and other unreliable elements of society were hiding even before Robin Hood, the legends of which date back to the XII century. The location of the oak trees growing in the forest always made it possible to move freely through the forest, without getting confused in the thickets and not getting bogged down in swamps (oaks have the ability to drain the land). In the forest, you can also find recreational villages in the largest cluster in the country. They are owned by Center Parcs. Today's owners of Sherwood Forest try to earn money by selling birch and oak seedlings from the famous forest so that everyone can grow a"Robin Hood tree" for themselves. Archaeologists were able to delight in the discovery made in 2005. Three stones have been discovered that are related to Viking history and may have once marked the border of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria. Since 2006, plans for the development of Sherwood Forest include the construction of a visitor center, hanging observation paths over the forest, as well as state-of-the-art educational facilities suitable for both young and adult learners.

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Topic: Sherwood Forest in the UK.Sherwood Forest in the UK

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