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Ca 'Mocenigo Palace in Italy, Venice resort

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Ka Palace ’ Mocenigo is a complex of four palaces XVI – XVII centuries, adjacent to each other. The complex is located on the Grand Canal, at the turn of the Volta del Canal.

The first palazzo was associated with Antonio Foscarini. In the first half of the 17th century, the wife of a British diplomat, Lady Arundel, settled in the palazzo. Soon anonymous denunciations began to arrive at the Council of Ten, according to which Antonio Foscarini, the former ambassador of Venice to London, often visits the house. Once the ambassador was already convicted of treason, but ultimately acquitted. The patience of the Council of Ten was completely exhausted this time – Foscarini was captured and executed. Later, however, it turned out that the poor fellow was innocent. He did visit the palace, but his relationship with Arundel was purely amorous. As a result, the body was removed from the grave and buried with honors, and advertisements were posted around the city indicating that the Council had admitted its mistake.

Lord Byron lived here in 1818-1819. The last owner of the palace was Giovanni Mocenigo, who was the patron saint of Giordano Bruno, who for some time stayed here. Later, Mocenigo sent a denunciation to the Council of Ten, in which he accused Bruno of heresy. The Venetian Senate obeyed the papal verdict and agreed to extradite Bruno to Rome, where he was burned in 1600.

Palace Ca ’ Mocenigo, along with other sights of Venice, has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Topic: Ca 'Mocenigo Palace in Italy, Venice resort.Ca 'Mocenigo Palace in Italy, Venice resort

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