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Holy Trinity Church in Montenegro, Budva resort

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This beautiful building is located in the center of the Old Town, on Starogradskaya Square, opposite the Archaeological Museum. The church is almost an exact copy of a similar temple of the Assumption of the Virgin, which adorns the country's capital, Podgorica. The Church of the Holy Trinity is made in the Byzantine style and is built of evenly alternating rows of white and red stones.

The beginning of the construction of this church back in 1797 was caused by the zealous requests and demands of local Orthodox residents in combination with active assistance of the ruler of Montenegro Peter the Great. The construction was completed only in 1804. The 1979 earthquake did some lesson to the church building, however, after the restoration, the building again appeared before the residents and guests of the city in all its glory.

There is something to look at in the interior of the church. The interior is decorated with a high iconostasis painted by Naum Zetiri, an iconographer from Greece, in the Baroque style. In addition, gilded frescoes and colorful bright mosaics are located above the central entrance to the church premises, which will surely attract the attention of visitors.

Right from the church you can go to the grave of a well-known public figure and liberator of the people and the popular writer Stefan Mitrov Lubicz.  


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Topic: Holy Trinity Church in Montenegro, Budva resort.Holy Trinity Church in Montenegro, Budva resort

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