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Podebrady castle in the Czech Republic, Podebrady resort

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In the 12th century, the first fortress was erected on the banks of the Elbe River. During the reign of Premysl Otakar II, a stone castle was built here, which later became one of the most important strategic places on the Elbe to protect the capital from attacks by conquerors from the northeastern and eastern sides.

In the XIV century, the fortress was taken over by famous Moravian aristocrats from Kunstat. At that time, the defensive ability of the fortress was significantly increased. In XIV – The castle was rebuilt in the 15th century, during which it was thoroughly fortified.

In the 16th century, Ferdinand I rebuilt the fortress in the Renaissance style. The architect Aostalli de Sala was appointed as the head of the construction works, which turned the fortress into a summer hunting residence.

In the 18th century, the castle was acquired by Maria Theresia, who ordered the castle to be rebuilt, adapting it for the comfortable stay of her family. However, the Empress's family visited the castle only a few times.

During the reign of Joseph II, retired officers of the imperial army lived in Podebrady Castle.

Today, only two rooms are open for inspection in the castle - – a medieval chapel, equipped as a museum, and the King Jiri Hall. Huge gates, made in the 16th century, decorated with stucco coats of arms lead from the square to the castle.

Immediately behind the gates, in the place where the outskirts were previously located, the complex of the economic part of the Podebrady castle was located. The construction of these buildings dates back to the 16th century. In the suburbs there were refrigerated rooms, kitchens, bakeries, stables, a smithy and barns. The castle attendants also lived here. A theater was set up in the northern wing of the outbuildings. Of the original buildings of the 13th century, only the floor of the southern and northern wings has survived to this day.

The most significant object of the old castle is the round Gothic tower Glaska, which adjoins the northern wing. During the Middle Ages, the tower was used   as a prison where prisoners were taken down the tightrope. Initially, the tower was much lower, but in the 18th century, a superstructure was built, which was complemented by a baroque helmet-shaped roof.

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Topic: Podebrady castle in the Czech Republic, Podebrady resort.Podebrady castle in the Czech Republic, Podebrady resort

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