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China Beer Museum, Qingdao Resort

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In 1903, construction began on the first brewery in China, built according to European technology. A hundred years later, the company was transformed into the popular Tsintao company. This name is the ancient pronunciation of Qingdao.

The beer museum was built right on the premises of the Qingdao Branch Brewery, at 56th building on Denzhou Street. This first beer museum in all of China is a good advertisement for Tsintao beer and a source of pride for the people of the city.

The museum's designers and architects have combined Western and Chinese culture in it. Construction began in 2002 and was completed in 2003.

The exhibition halls of the museum are located in a two-story building, built in the Gothic style of red brick. Building area – 6 thousand square meters.

In the historical part of the museum you can see archives, black-and-white photographs, achievements and awards of the plant, foreign and local relics, as well as taste various types of Tsintao beer.

The area that demonstrates production methods looks like an old beer shop. There are mock-ups of workplaces, replicas of laboratories and old fermentation tanks. The museum exhibits four copper brewing vats, which were used in production from the very foundation of the plant until 1995. Here you can also see hops, malt, barley and other ingredients that are used to brew beer.  

There is a shopping center and a beer tasting room on the ground floor. Here visitors to the museum can taste freshly brewed beer and buy souvenirs.  


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Topic: China Beer Museum, Qingdao Resort.China Beer Museum, Qingdao Resort

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