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Maritime Museum (Naval Museum) in China, Qingdao Resort

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The Naval Museum was established in 1989 to enhance the patriotic spirit of the people of China. It is the only museum in the country that shows the development of the Chinese navy since its inception. The museum is located on the shores of the Yellow Sea, west of Lu Xun Park, opposite the Zhancao Bridge.

The museum exhibits a collection of paintings, documents, photographs, relics and other items, thanks to which you can learn about the achievements and the development of the Chinese navy.

The museum is divided into three parts: an exhibition hall, a collection of naval weapons and a maritime zone.

the hall contains naval and army uniforms of different eras, signs and medals, office equipment, as well as household items that belonged to Xiao Jianguan, the very first commander of the PRC fleet.   All this has been collected since 1949, since the very appearance of the Chinese People's Navy. The hall also houses about three hundred awards and gifts, which were donated to China by the government of 60 countries. Among them you can see a dagger donated in 1957 by a Russian naval officer.

The yard is occupied by an exposition of weapons. Here you can see the ammunition and weapons that were used during   many years. The exhibition is divided into categories: aircraft, sea vessels, artillery, guided missiles, radars, underwater tankers, underwater weapons and much more. Some of the one and a half hundred exhibits are of historical importance, since they used to serve Xiao Jianguan, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai and other historical figures.

The area of the maritime exhibition area is 40 thousand square meters. Here, right on the water, there is a frigate, a decommissioned destroyer, and submarines that have made a huge contribution to the country's defense.  


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Topic: Maritime Museum (Naval Museum) in China, Qingdao Resort.Maritime Museum (Naval Museum) in China, Qingdao Resort

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