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Fort Bourdzi in Greece, Nafplio resort

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This fort is a small fortress, sometimes it is even called the Fortified Tower. It is located on a small island of the same name, located in the bay near the city.

Burdzi was built by the Venetians in the middle of the 15th century. They called it little castle – Castelli.

In 1471, the Italian architect Antonio Gambello began to build the fort. It was already another architect who finished the construction – Branchaleone. The fort was specially built to occupy the entire island. The main reason for the construction of an island near Nafplion – it is a defense against raging pirates.

The entrances to the fort were located from the south and from the north. The castle itself was three stories high, all connected by portable staircases. During the time of the Turks, a stone barricade was built on the island. A barricade was blocking the entrance to the port for large ships.

In 1821 Nafplion was liberated and the fort turned into a residence. The German architect Wolf Schaeffer rebuilt the fort in 1930-1970. A hotel was opened there. It currently hosts festivals and various concerts.

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Topic: Fort Bourdzi in Greece, Nafplio resort.Fort Bourdzi in Greece, Nafplio resort

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