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Pernstein Castle in the Czech Republic

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Pernstein Castle is one of the most interesting and oldest castles in the Czech Republic. The castle is located on the coast of the Svratka River, 40 kilometers from the city of Brno. According to historians, the founders of the castle were not of noble origin. The ancestor of the Pershtein family was a certain coal miner Venava, about whom an interesting legend is circulating among the people. Once upon a time, a huge wild bison lived in impenetrable forests, which terrified local residents. The coal miner Venava contrived to catch the bison, after which the beast was delivered to the king, in whose eyes he was struck by the blow of the coal miner's ax. To thank the brave coal miner, the king gave him a piece of land on which Venava built the castle.

One of the main attractions of the castle complex is the charming tower"Varvarushka", which houses two halls - the Knights' Hall and the Hall for conspirators. The castle is surrounded by deep moats on all sides. One of the most interesting structures of the castle is the Horned Tower, which can only be entered by passing from the central building at the level of the last floor.

Today, Pernstein Castle is one of the well-preserved fortresses in Europe. The castle is located on an island and attracts filmmakers from all over the world with its fabulous view.

The history of this majestic Gothic castle spans more than seven centuries. The founder of the castle in 1285 was Stefan from Medlova, the founder of the Perstein family. Unlike other ancient castles, Pernstein has survived to this day in its original form. The castle's monumental tower is a prime example of Gothic architecture. Many architectural styles were collected in the interior of the castle - baroque, early gothic, classicism and rococo.

In the 16th century, due to civil strife over the inheritance of the Perstein family, the Perstein family was significantly weakened. Later, William the First took up the revival of the family. In the 15th - 16th centuries, the heirs of Wilhelm, a son and a grandson, made a significant contribution to the strengthening and expansion of the castle. In 1596, due to debts, the castle and all the property of the Pershteins were sold. However, before the ruin, the Pershteyny managed to turn the castle into a luxurious residence with rooms and rooms decorated in the Renaissance style.

After the sale, the castle changed owners several times. which did not affect its appearance in any way. Minor corrections were made in the classicism and baroque style, but this was reflected only in the change in the interior. Subsequently, several outbuildings were added to the castle, and a park was laid out around it.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the castle was in the possession of the Mitrovsky family, which remained its sovereign owner until the end of World War II.


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