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Daqin Pagoda in China, Xi'an Resort

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This pagoda – the oldest Christian church in the Far East. It was built here in 640 by representatives of the Assyrian Church, Nestorian Christians.

In the 8th century, the temple was named Daqin – this is how the Chinese called Byzantium and the Roman Empire. In 845, during the persecution of Christians, the temple was abandoned.

Buddhist monks settled here in the 14th century, who left it only in 1556, after an earthquake that almost completely destroyed the building ... In 1998, the temple was taken under government protection as one of the monuments of Nestorian Christianity.

On the walls of the temple, you can see images of Jonah and the Nativity of Christ. You can also distinguish some of the inscriptions made in the Syriac language. Now this pagoda is not threatened by earthquakes, but by floods.


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Topic: Daqin Pagoda in China, Xi'an Resort.Daqin Pagoda in China, Xi'an Resort

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