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Lujinsa Temple in China, Guangzhou Resort

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The name of this temple translates as the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. It is located in the old part of the city and was built by order of the governor Xiao Yu in 537 to house the remains of the Buddha. The temple was named so because of the banyan trees that used to grow in the courtyard of the temple.

There is a Flower Pagoda on the territory of the temple. The first building, also built in 537, was destroyed by fire in the 10th century. In 1097, it was rebuilt from the images of the first pagoda. In 1980, during the restoration work, records were found in the pagoda, which date back to the times of the Song dynasty.

The height of the pagoda is 57 meters. You can climb to the top using a special staircase. The pagoda is crowned with an elaborate bronze column weighing 5 tons.

The Hall of the Goddess of Mercy, located in the temple, was built in 1663. The hall contains a bronze sculpture of the Chinese goddess of mercy and love Guanyin. The height of the sculpture – 4 meters, and its weight – about 5 tons.

In the hall of the sixth patriarch, visitors can look at the 6-meter high statue of the monk Hweinen from the Song dynasty. He is the founder of the southern school of Zeng Buddhism.  


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Topic: Lujinsa Temple in China, Guangzhou Resort.Lujinsa Temple in China, Guangzhou Resort

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