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Castello Aragonese in Italy

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Castello Aragonese, also known as the Aragonese castle, is located on the Iskaglia island in the Campania region.

The first written records of the castle date back to 474 BC. At that time, the first defensive impregnable fortress was erected by Hieron the First of Syracuse.

In the XIV century, the tower of Maschio was built by the Capetian dynasty of Anjou. In the 15th century, the Aragonese castle was connected to the island by a bridge. In the 18th century, the castle served as a shelter for the island's population from pirates.

Previously, the castle housed 13 cathedrals, a princely garrison, monasteries of the Order of Clarisse and the Catholic monastery of Basiliano di Grazia. Nowadays, the Aragonese castle – private ownership,

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Topic: Castello Aragonese in Italy.Castello Aragonese in Italy

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