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Vysehrad Fortress in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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The Vysehrad Fortress is a historical district of Prague. The fortress is located south of the central part of the city, on a hill above the Vltava River.

The fortress was built in the 10th century. Traditionally, Vysehrad is considered one of the very first centers of the Czech state, like the Prague Castle located on the other side.

According to legend, it was in Vysehrad that Princess Libuse predicted world fame for the Czech capital - Prague. p>
The fortress reached its peak during the reign of Vratislav II of the Premyslid family. In 1070, the ruler created an independent Vysehrad capital, which was not dependent on the Prague bishopric. Under Vratislava, the rotunda of St. Martin and the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul were also laid. During the same period, a Czech coin was minted here. In the XI century, the construction of the fortifications was completed. However, the importance of the fortress soon fell.

Until the 14th century, Vysehrad was not in the best position, until Charles IV decided that the city of Prague would be the seat of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. Before that, the rulers did not have a permanent residence, so this was an exceptional case. This explains the large scale of urban development in the city.

In 1348 Charles the Fourth issued a decree according to which it was necessary to build Nove Mesto - now the historic district of Prague. The emperor, like other descendants of the Premyslids, tried to return Vysehrad to its former glory. As a result, the Royal Palace was reconstructed, new fortifications were erected, which were connected with Nove Mesto. According to the decree of Charles the Fourth, the main approach to Prague now passed through Vysehrad. The Church of Saints Peter and Paul was completely rebuilt and acquired the Gothic style.

It was in Vysehrad that the coronation procession of the emperors of Bohemia began, which continued through Nove Mesto. According to the"Coronation Code of Bohemian Kings", each new ruler on the eve of the coronation had to bow to Premysl-Pahar in Vysehrad. The fortress kept a bag and bast shoes that belonged to the Plowman. These relics were considered symbols of the royal family.

After the death of Charles IV, construction in Vysehrad almost ceased. In the future, Vysehrad developed more as a city, and not as a fortress. During the Hussite Wars, the fortress was badly damaged and emptied.

In the 17th century, Vysegral was rebuilt in the form of a Baroque fortress and surrounded on all sides by a powerful brick wall. In 1866 Vysehrad was closed. Vysehrad cemetery, located at the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, at that time became the burial place of prominent people of the Czech Republic.

In 1883 the fortress was annexed to the city, and since then it has been an administrative region .


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Topic: Vysehrad Fortress in the Czech Republic, Prague resort.Vysehrad Fortress in the Czech Republic, Prague resort

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