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Rosenberg Castle in the Czech Republic

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Rosenberg Castle, built at the beginning of the XIII century, is located in South Bohemia, near the town of Rozmberk nad Vltavou. Initially, the fortress was the residence of the Rosenberg family of Czech aristocrats.

Today the Rosenberg castle is one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. The fortress is located on the banks of the Vltava River.

Rosenberg's fortifications have been rebuilt only twice in the entire history of the castle's existence: during the Renaissance and in the 19th century - at this time the architecture of the Tudor era was in fashion. The last owners of the castle, the Czech aristocrats of Bukua, turned Rosenberg into a museum of bohemian history and opened it to the public. The main palace of the complex contains a unique combination of several architectural eras. In the hall of the palace, decorated in the Renaissance style, old wall decorations and the famous"musical niche" are interesting. The palace also houses a unique collection of Baroque paintings and furniture.

The founder of the Rosenberg castle was a representative of the powerful Vitkovich family - Vok from Prcice. Later, powerful fortifications were built around the castle. The castle immediately became the administrative and economic center of the Vitkovic family. In 1302, the younger branch of the dynasty was interrupted, and Vok inherited Cesky Krumlov, where he soon moved his residence.

Until 1420, Oldrich II owned the castle, but soon due to lack of money he was forced to lay a castle to support his army during the Hussite wars. Interesting fact: Oldrich II was the father of the famous"White Lady". After a while, Oldrich bought the castle, but almost immediately pledged it to the Lobkowitz family again.

In 1600, the castle and its surrounding possessions by will passed to the nephew of Peter Vok Rosenberg - Johan Zrinski. At that time, the castle was reconstructed in the Renaissance style. After Johan's death in 1612, the castle was inherited by the Swamberk family, which was related to the Rosenbergs. Soon they lost the castle.

One of the most interesting legends of Rosenberg is “The White Lady”. According to legend, the owner of the castle had a daughter, Bercht, whom the baron soon gave to the Count of Liechtenstein, but did not give his daughter a dowry. The offended count refused to marry Berchta, and she eventually had to return to her father's house. The years went by and the spouses lived separately, not thinking about living together. Before his death, the count asked for forgiveness from his daughter, which she refused him. Dying, the count cursed Berchta's soul. And today an unseated soul wanders the castle.

In one of Rosenberg's halls there is a portrait of the White Lady, to which a secret inscription is attached. There is a popular belief - everyone who reads this inscription will acquire fabulous wealth.

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